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Tree Pruning

We selectively remove parts of the tree to improve the health and/or shape. We will inspect the tree to identify which parts need to be removed. Adhering to British Standards BS3998 the branches will be cut at either the collar or the joint. Each tree will be left in a healthy safe condition once work has been completed.

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Tree Felling

Depending on the situation trees will need to be felled as a single unit – straight felling or by section. We will only straight fell a tree in large open spaces where there is no risk to person or property.

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Stump Removal

Stumps can be removed quickly and with the minimum of fuss including all lateral roots. A level surface will be left.

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We can help you select and then prepare for new trees to be planted using premium stock ensuring a healthy future.

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Hedge Trimming

Hedges need to be trimmed regularly and can sometimes get out of control. We are experts in making sure that your hedges look their very best.

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